Apply For Funding

Applying for a Grant:

The first step in applying to the foundation is a short letter of inquiry. We review letters on a continual basis.  We acknowledge the receipt of all letters of inquiry unless they fall widely outside our funding guidelines.  If you do not receive notification of receipt within one month, feel free to contact the foundation.

All letters are reviewed to determine if they fall within the foundation’s priority areas. Those that do not are immediately declined.   Projects that fit within the foundation’s priority areas will then be asked to prepare a full proposal for consideration by the foundation’s Board of Directors.  The Board makes funding decisions two times a year in the spring and the fall.  Proposal deadlines are June 1st and December 1st.

Limitations on Grantmaking:

  • Grants will only be awarded to non-profit, tax-exempt organizations or groups that work through a tax-exempt organization.
  • Funds will not be provided for legislative lobbying or to influence public elections.
  • The  foundation will not consider requests for endowments, capital construction, deficit financing, scholarships, fellowships, loans or grants to individuals.

Submitting a Letter of Inquiry:

Letters of inquiry should be no more than two pages in length and should include the following:

  • A brief statement of the issues to be addressed, goals of the organization, and the organization’s involvement with the issues.
  • A brief summary of the activities for which you are requesting support.
  • The approximate start date and duration of the proposed activities.
  • The total amount of funding requested.

When you’re ready you may use our online Letter of Inquiry form.


When a letter of inquiry addresses the foundation’s funding priorities, we will request a full proposal. Proposals should be submitted to the foundation only upon request. Since the foundation receives more proposals than it can fund, you should not interpret such a request as an indication of likely support. Often the staff will request additional information from applicants. Proposal deadlines are June 1st and December 1st.

Grant proposals should include:

  • History and mission of the organization
  • Problem statement or needs assessment
  • Program goals and objectives
  • Methodology
  • Evaluation
  • List of current funding sources
  • Organizational budget , a budget related to the specific project request and the previous years actual income and Expenses


  • 501 (c) (3) Letter
  • Articles or other supporting documentation (optional)
  • Up to three letters of support (optional)

Proposals should not exceed five pages in length including a cover sheet and budget.

Proposals can be submitted electonically at  or at our snail mail address:

Harris and Frances Block Foundation
491 Ennis Hill Road
Marshfield, VT 05658

Download a Cover Sheet:

Final decisions on proposals are made by the foundation’s board of directors, which meets twice a year. You will be informed of the board’s decision immediately following the board meeting at which your proposal is considered. It may take up to six weeks to receive notification.  If a grant is awarded, you will be asked to sign a Grant Agreement that includes reporting and other requirements.

Download Final Report Form: