Who We Are

The Block Foundation is a small family foundation established in 2001 to honor the memories of Harris & Frances Block and their daughter Carol Block Maurer. We are a small, family operated foundation whose ideological makeup reflects our family values.

Our Mission, Values, and Vision

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The Harris and Frances Block Foundation seeks equitable solutions to social and environmental problems, working with small and emerging organizations to improve our communities and impact the world.

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The Harris and Frances Block Foundation holds as values:

  • Community: Where change begins and grows to scale.
  • Justice: Both social and environmental.
  • Equality: Aspiring towards a society that honors the potential of all humans.
  • Access: Equitable access to systems, resources, and opportunities.
  • Sustainability: Both social and environmental.
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The Harris and Frances Block Foundation holds a vision for interconnected communities based in diversity, mutual respect, and sustainability.

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What We Fund

The Block Foundation supports small grassroots not-for-profit organizations with grants that work to foster just and sustainable communities. We focus our grantmaking in the geographical locations of our Board of Trustees: Vermont, North Carolina, Virginia, and New York City. We make grants that are large and small, not exceeding $35,000.

What We Don't Fund

The Block Foundation does not fund:

  • Lobbying, or efforts to influence public elections
  • Land acquisition
  • Capital construction
  • Endowments
  • Deficit financing
  • Scholarships

Grants will only be awarded to non-profit, tax-exempt organizations or groups that work through a tax-exempt organization.


Apply For Funding

To apply for funding, create an account on our portal. We review letters of inquiry on a continual basis, projects that fit within the foundation’s priority areas will be asked to prepare a full proposal for consideration by the foundation’s Board of Trustees.



The Board is made up of two generations of women: we are sisters, mothers, and daughters.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is an invitation required to apply for a Block Foundation grant?

Yes. The first step in our grant process is to submit a Letter of Inquiry (LOI) through our portal. If your project aligns with our criteria, we will invite a full proposal.

Does Block require progress reports or project updates? When are reports due?

Yes: we require grantees to submit a single, final report; the requirements of which will be outlined in your award letter. Final Reports are due approximately nine months after the receipt of your check—a precise deadline, along with instructions for submission, will be emailed to you about one month prior to the due date.

My organization is located outside of the designated geographic area. Can we still apply for a grant?

Short answer, no. The Harris and Frances Block Foundation focuses grant-making in Vermont, North Carolina, Southwest Virginia, and New York City.

When will I hear whether my proposal was funded?

Typically, you will receive a decision on your proposal within six weeks of the submission deadline.

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