About Us

The Block Foundation is a small family foundation established in 2001 to honor the memories of Harris and Frances Block and more recently, Carol Block Maurer. The foundation supports a broad range of projects giving its highest priority consideration to the following areas:

  • Sustainable Agriculture and food systems
  • Environmental activism
  • Social and economic justice
  • Community development

We are interested in funding  grassroots non-profit organizations working on community and activist projects.

Values Statement

We as a family value communication, education, a healthy environment and involvement in the community and world. We believe in treating others honestly and fairly. We believe in equality, justice and social action. We feel that we must care for the earth in order to help to create a sustainable future. We believe in working hard to achieve our goals. We value generosity, community service, self motivation and independence. We are opposed to excessive materialism, racism, intolerance and war as a means of conflict resolution. The Harris and Frances Block Foundation strives to have an impact on social and environmental problems by funding worthwhile projects. We recognize cultural and personal differences and support the needs of different groups. We recognize the need for social change and equal opportunities for all people to reach their full potential. The values of the founding board of the Harris and Frances Block Foundation reflect the commonality and diversity of its family members. The Board is directed to carry out the mission of the foundation informed by the underlying family values.